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Oak Framed Garage in Staffordshire

Having been involved in the build of this super property in Denstone, Staffordshire, the owners were so pleased with our work that they commissioned us to build a traditional oak framed double garage.

The clients specified the classic two bay garage with one open and one closed - the open bay can be used as a car port or for storing and air drying logs while the closed bay provides security and frost-free storage.

Both we and the clients were delighted with the outcome.

A pictorial story of the build follows below:

Fitting the 225mm x 225mm square oak posts into the head of the frame with a traditional method of a mortice and tenon joint and 19mm drawer pegs also in oak. This part of the work is very, very heavy and time consuming to get absolutely right.


On day one, we arrived on site along with a local crane company.

Using the crane to lift the large beams into place made light work of it - having the scaffolding erected before the frame goes up makes things easier too.



By the end of day one, with the main frame fixed together and everything having gone to plan, we and our clients were very happy indeed!


Here we are fitting 45mm x 220mm C16 S/wd graded floor joists to create the first floor.

This would allow the roof space to be used as additional storage or an office, etc.


Making a start to pitch a traditional cut roof with oak rafters - note the exposed rafter ends and gable rafters.


By this point, we had nearly completed the traditional cut roof and were making the timber framework between the oak posts to allow for the oak cladding to be fitted.


A breathable membrane was fitted next, ready for cladding the gables.

New clay roof tiles were used to give a more traditional look rather than concrete tiles.

 It's always nice to see the day the scaffold is removed, to get a real picture of the building.



After manufacturing the doors from solid kiln dried oak, they were hung with traditional wrought iron hinges and the garage was complete.

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