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Green Oak Porch

This project was a green oak porch for a customer with a beautifully renovated brick cottage in Derbyshire.

The green oak for the project was sawn at the saw mill and then left to dry for around 10 days.

Cutting at the sawmill leaves large saw marks and so our first job after the oak arrived in the workshop, was to sand these out.

We then marked out the oak beams closely following the original design and specifications agreed with the customer.

All of the tenons were then cut by hand and the mortice holes formed using a chain morticer.

Chain Morticer In Action

19mm diameter drawer pegs were cut from the same oak and these were used later along with polyeurethane glue to hold the joints together.

Green Oak Porch Preassembly In The Workshop

Once the whole structure had been trial built, measured, adjusted and confirmed as correct against the specification, we numbered all of the component parts and disassembled the porch ready for transport to site and reconstruction in its final position.

Before the green oak components were despatched, we treated them with a coat of preserver to protect against woodworm and then a coat of boiled linseed oil, mixed 50:50 with white spirit, to give a lovely mellow colour and smooth finish.

1. We started the build by securing the porch sides to the main building and the brick dwarf walls.

Porch Sides Secured To Building

2. We then assembled and attached the rafters and oak boarding which forms the roof.

Rafters And Oak Roofing Boards Assembled

3. Tile battens were then nailed over roofing felt.

Tile Battens Attached Over Roffing Felt

4. The roof was then tiled using reclaimed clay tiles with lead flashing cut into the original wall in the traditional way.

Reclaimed Clay Tiles and Lead Flashing Applied

5. The rafters and boarding on the underside of the roof were left exposed.

Exposed Oak Boards And Rafters

6. And here we have the finished porch in all its glory!

Finished Green Oak Porch

There's nothing worse than getting soaked while fumbling for your house keys after dashing from the car.

A porch like this not only looks great, but also provides the perfect dry haven to put your shopping down and get the front door open.

If you'd like a green oak porch to enhance your home, in a traditional or contemporary style, be sure to give us a call on 01538 723258 or 07976 652979.